Conversations with the owner of Treasure Pot

How is your relationship with customers?

We've made a lot of friends with our customers so far. It's been a long history of about 20 years. They often invite my wife and me to go for an outing and keep introducing customers to our restaurant. In addition, they also give us a lot of useful suggestions to help us move forward. We are really good friends assisting each other.

Howe does the idea of engaging in the restaurant business strike you?

I have run some restaurants for a long time in Hong Kong before I came to the United States. Then I was employed in a Chinese restaurant in 1978. With over ten years of experience and my knowledge about the restaurant business, I opened this restaurant in 1988.

What is the decoration like in your restaurant?

I've visited many restaurants and I'm very familiar with the decoration style of Hong Kong restaurants. We spent almost two years decorating this restaurant. To create a cozy, warm and comfortable environment and atmosphere, all the tables and pillars are made of rosewood and the décor follows tradition Chinese style.

How about the sanitary condition of the restaurant?

There is no doubt that sanitation plays an important role in the restaurant business. Our score from OHS is over 90. What's more we've got a schedule to keep the sanitation. The staff members are asked to keep their personal hygiene and grooming all the time in our restaurant.

What aspects are you most proud of?

There are three aspects that are exclusive in this neighborhood. First of all, our restaurant has a long history and keeps offering new dishes and excellent service. Most of our regular customers stick with us. Secondly, our restaurant is large and provides perfect service. Up to now, we've held more than 100 parties. Last but not the least, our decoration is much of tradition Chinese style and a lot of customers love the warm and cozy atmosphere here.

How do you keep the blossoming business among so many restaurants?

There were few restaurants in the community at the time when we opened our restaurant. Now we've got about 20 locations. Except the good reputation we've got, we mainly reply on the high quality of the food and excellent service to win the applause from the customers.